Vampire todoroki x male reader

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Vampire todoroki x male reader

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You honestly were sad about your outcast situation, but the thought of vampires always cheered you up. People were even noticing it themselves. Your parents never really cared what you did, and they basically did anything to keep you out of the way of their jobs and work. They even had enough money to rent 3 houses at once for about a whole month.

As long as you asked to use money for something affordable, your parents just gave you what you needed to get it. This gave you an opportunity to buy the whole Twilight series, including movies. You even got a poster from Twilight saga with Edward and Bella on the front.

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Tonight, things were gonna change. Your parents said that you can stay up as long as you want.

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You went into the woods you spent time in during the day. You made sure to bring anything you needed to protect yourself at night. Your parents almost sued the school for not guaranteeing safety for students.

The only reason he punched your arm in the first place was because of how you loved vampires, and how your skin was pale. Anyway, you were using your flashlight to find a place to relax and have a nice time before it got too dark for you to set up. You have a lamp, but the flashlight is better for navigating.

You got a book from the public library. It was a book on vampire facts. You honestly like how a vampire can be any animal of the dark. You love vampires, but you always carried a cross necklace your grandmother gave you when you were As you were reading the book, you learned new things about vampires like their powers, weaknesses, and what can prevent them from an attack.

Your eyelids are starting to get heavy.

vampire todoroki x male reader

You decided to pack up and head home. There was no response.

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Maybe it was an animal. A raccoon probably. The moon started shining where the noise originated. There was nothing there. Whatever it was, you probably scared it off. You looked at the cover of the book. You stood there for a second and turned around to walk home.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Or at least as normal as having two pro hero parents, having multiple quirks, and constantly switching between homes gets. You see, her adoptive mother is quiet man who's an omega and was originally hesitantly to take her in. While her father was a flashy and proud alpha who everyone knew. And is eventually forced to face the demons of her past that haunt her head. Were all wealthy families this wild? However, life at home is a different story, one that she wishes she could get out of Chapters are a bit short and sloppy at the start but I promise it gets better Ps: Here is my discord username in case anyone wants to drop a message to yours truly Malek While everyone in Class 1-A is striving to become the best hero, all you want to do is hang out with your plants.

Nobody understands why you don't reach for the top with a quirk as powerful as yours. But it's alright. You'll be a hero in your own way. After assigning you to an important presentation against Shiketsu Co. Can you win over the investors while trying not to cum? A family friend of the Bakugos' move in with them as she prepares to enter high school. To everyone else, she seems cheerful, upbeat, and terribly kind, but the more time Bakugo spends around the girl, the more he begins to suspect something is very wrong with her.

This is a collection of one shots to the occasional mini series with more than one part. Most of the stories will focus on Bakugou Katsuki, but sometimes I might mix in another character I feel like writing about. Most chapters will contain descriptive smut. If it's a mini series they will be marked in p 's like p2 p3 p4 - Meaning part 2, part 3, part 4. I mean the title says it all! This is for those who wouldn't see themselves with their favorite characters simply because of the shape of their body!

I'm hoping to prove you wrong!

vampire todoroki x male reader

I feel like there needs to be a bit more body positive fics, I know they help me feel a bit better about myself so id like to share that kind of feeling with everyone!

This is in no way to romanticize topics like that, but rather to bring attention to them. The MC's motive is out of a "I don't deserve to live after what I just did" mindset. She killed them, she was a murderer. Of course, she was just an orphan on her own with a quirk she JUST discovered.

The immortal and the restful (Vampire Todoroki x female reader)

She was honestly going to take a swan dive and call it quits, when she found herself being grabbed by aSend me some requests while I work on some scholarship essays! Planning on working on requests maybe tonight and tomorrow so feel free to send some my way : guidelines are pinned on my blog and my masterlist is linked there as well. This is a bonus to Lies, a small collab trashdolphin and I did!

This is SMUT so do not read if you are uncomfortable. Thank you for all the support! Keep reading. I do wanna do a similar concept with Jirou and Monoma too, so stay tuned for that!

The message glowed blue, so Bakugou had read it, but for whatever reason chose not to say a word. You were leaning against a wall to the back of a shop, panting for air, trying to ignore the stabbing pain all over you.

vampire todoroki x male reader

Nevertheless, you kept a brave face on, despite the fact your were alone. Minutes ticked by, your pain growing by the second. Were those scratches supposed to be foaming like that? Probably not. You leaned back and closed your eyes, to feel a shadow cast upon you. Your eyes snapped open, to find a tall figure in front of you. He threw a hoodie on you, and you winced.

Now shut up and put this on. The first heat of summer was beginning to be felt in Mustafu and urban pollution was only increasing the hot and almost suffocating air. It was time to bring out of the wardrobe the cool and light temperature-appropriate clothes. She had totally fallen in love with it last week, already imagining herself with the pair of Doc Martens sandals that Bakugou had recently bought her.

The afternoons with Mina always went by very quickly or even too quickly. The sun was already starting to set and it was soon time to part.Tags : A little bit angsty just a pinchtrauma scar mentions, Big Brother Denki, fluffy, some sad tears, some happy tears, literally so much fluffy comfort touches like.

You sat up with a sharp gasp, your hand flying over your left eye as you began to pant heavily. Your heart pounded in your chest as your fingers dug into your skin just below your eyebrow.

vampire todoroki x male reader

Your head pounded but you shook it off, throwing your feet over the side of your bed and standing up. It had been about 4 months since you had begun to get your soulmate dreams. Your eyes darted down to your bare thighs, which were littered in scars. You squeezed your eyes shut for a moment, your hand relaxing and sliding down over your eye and just resting on your cheek.

You stretched and let out a yawn, now glancing over at the digital clock resting on your bedside table. It was only three in the morning. Your eyes lowered down to your hands. Your hands appeared a lot in your dreams, as well as an overwhelming burning feeling coursing through you.

You stood and slumped out of your room and into the kitchen. The house was quiet of course, seeing as you lived alone. You lifted your phone to your face as you rummaged in the cupboard for a glass. You dialed the first person who came to mind. As you placed your phone to your ear and heard the faint ringing, you began to tear up. The short burst of adrenaline you had from the dream had finally begun to dissipate. Do you want me to come over? He was like a brother to you and had supported you since you had begun to have your soulmate dreams.

You poured yourself a glass of water and brought it to your lips.

vampire diaries x reader

I can come over first thing in the morning. You know how it is when I leave in the middle of the night. Instantaneously, you began to mumble about the dream. But even then it seemed that you were in constant turmoil mentally. For a moment, Denki was quiet. He then suddenly clicked his tongue and spoke in an excited, hushed whisper.

With a few more reassuring words, Denki sent you off to bed. Despite your hesitation, you still crawled back into bed and tried to sleep it off. Oh, God-! A scream tore from your throat as you felt burning tears scorch your cheeks. Your body felt clearly strained and overworked. With what little strength you had, you took your right hand and pressed it to your cheek. Your eyes slowly fluttered open but squeezed shut again when you were greeted with an unwelcoming brightness.

You felt a thumb brush over your cheek, and you flinched just the slightest before you recognized the faint static touch. You felt yourself tear up again. Denki helped you sit up and rubbed your shoulders, explaining that everyone was waiting for you, and unfortunately could hear your cries from outside the house. A gentle knock caused you two to jump.

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Your bedroom door slowly opened and a head poked in. When your gaze found a familiar scar, you felt your body tense. Denki gestured for the person to come over.Figures she would have you do her dirty work. When they chew me up, spit me out, pissed on me? Originally posted by nbiancaandreea. You guys got two cages that were right next to each other which made it easier for him to teach you.

Soon you guys finished and headed out, till you saw Damon and Jeremy. Kol dropped the bat and grabbed your hand, you both headed over to the parking lot in silence.

I just need to tell you something. Want another?

ASMR Todoroki confesses to you! Roleplay

I hope to see you again sometime. Seems we have a small problem, Tyler lashed out and we need you to give your blood to Caroline. I just want to hurry up and get out of this place. Did someone deny you? Klaus x Male. In fact, the only reason you knew of him was because he had walked into the Mystic Grill to talk with Matt, your best friend, you watched and paid close attention to the conversation. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Imagine: you agreed to going on a date with Klaus if he promised to save Stefan Originally posted by nbiancaandreea.

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Top Photos.Keep reading. Can you do a oneshot where reader she's at the ball where she meets Kol. Reader knows all about vampires etc, she also wears vervain and drinks it.

She's good friend's with the Salvatore brother's. Kol and reader share a slow dance. I am Kol Mikaelson and with whom have I the pleasure to dance?

For a second you met his eyes, then you lowered your gaze. Instantly his grin disappeared and his eyes grew dark. You could feel your pulse quicken. You thought to mention that would make him let go of you because he would then notice the protective stares from your friends. I will not harm you. Well, not yet anyway. You gulped hard as he leaned down a bit. Your heartbeat quickened again. He began to chuckle. With colored cheeks and wide eyes, you dared to look up for a second. After a second he began to grin smugly.

Your heart was beating so hard you were sure he could hear it. You both danced in silence until the music began to slowly fade it. This time Kol let it happen and watched as you hurried away and latched onto Damons arm with a beet-red face.

Smugly he grinned to himself and winked at you as you met his gaze for the last time. Quickly you lowered your gaze.

The immortal and the restful (Vampire Todoroki x female reader)

Kol chuckled softly and walked away, finding a new dancing partner while he ignored the burning gaze of Damon Salvatore. Hope you like!

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Warnings: Very violent situations, while also making light of those violent situations. Originally posted by marcelkingofthequarter. Summary: An account of your life with your sister, and how a certain baby turned not just her life around, but yours as well. I tried my best. Originally posted by originalsdaily. Originally posted by imaginary-desires. Originally posted by bloodydauntless. Originally posted by babyblueeyes Originally posted by mikaelsonsource.

You knew that you could never out run him, no, but you could outsmart him. Dashing down the halls you pretend to slide right only to slide left into the opposite hallway, you smirk hearing the frustrated grunt, but it was too close, much too close.

You begin to sprint, you are inches from the door, you can make it. Reality hits you like a bucket of cold water.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. As a newly turned vampire, Bakugou learns quickly that adjusting to this new lifestyle was not going to be easy. Short Summary: Twilight but good plus it has a plotline which it follows. The eighteen-year-old starts to be hunted by several people, but he still attends high school. Enter the Aizawas, a family that is mostly adopted. This is when he meets Aizawa-Bakugo Katsuki for the first time, and the first time he could for sure say he wanted to know more.

Instead of learning about his interests, he uncovers a much darker secret that could possibly kill him. Izuku looked up and saw a dark look pass through the other's face, Izuku did not notice before but the other's eyes were red and now they were glowing as they were two little moons, obsessed and transfixed on the blood that had seeped out of his mouth. Or Where a sick human falls in love with a timeless being and lives longer than he ever expected to.

Each chapter is individual unless it says it's a part or associated with another chapter. Since they are individual they also have individual warnings in the beginning note, so please head them this is why I had to make this work Teen. The first chapter is an important author note, request forum link, explaining some other details about this work. I have tons of requests in my queue and planning list. These thoughts were the effect of heat emotions right?

Why did? The streets of Musutafu are populated by people from all walks of life—those with horns, fangs, wands, or fur if the moon phase suits their fancy. The extraordinary is the norm, and Midoriya Izuku is, well, as normal as you can get.

Todoroki Shouto is a socially inept vampire who stumbles into a kitschy little witch shop, initially drawn in by the promise of a hiding place from his overbearing father.

What keeps him coming back, however, is the cashier with bright green magic dancing between his fingers and in his eyes. However, trouble lurks in the alleyways of this bustling magical city. Reports of creature-types going on rampages—sirens, vampires, and were-animals alike—and terrorizing the population, only to disappear and turn up hours later with no memory of what happened are on a steady rise.

But sometimes, all you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust. Limits, we all have them and Izuku Midoriya is no exception. Crossposted to wattpad! Updates every Saturday!!! As dull as his eyes are during the new moon, Bakugou can still smell like a hound. So he takes a careful breath. Over wet ground, smoke, and the stink of alleyways, he picks up the sharp tang of blood. Then a whiff of another, fainter scent almost hidden beneath it—the unmistakable smell of a supernatural force.


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