Yamaha rhino 660 to 700 engine swap

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Yamaha rhino 660 to 700 engine swap

Part of their popularity is from riders who simply do not feel comfortable on an ATV, they want a vehicle that is more familiar to operate and can take a passenger or two, or they simply need the carrying capacity of a bed and the working capabilities a Side x Side offers. The factories that got into the Side x Side game early like Polaris, Arctic Cat, and Yamaha have been rewarded well for their foresight, and as more competitors jump into the game, nearly every manufacturer is battling for position in the market, trying to carve out a niche of their own.

The Side x Side market has been evolving rapidly in the past few seasons, and while some brands have chosen to go with the more traditional working aspect of the vehicles, others have designed theirs for performance.

Yamaha is one such company. While they do pay homage to the working capabilities of their wildly popular Rhino, they are especially proud of its sporty side, and true to their nature, the Blue Crew has never been afraid to innovate. They were the first to offer a highly competitive, mass produced 4 stroke motocross bike, the first to offer a multitude of unique ATVs, the Banshee, the Raptor andthe first true factory race quad, the YFZthe first with power steering, the Grizzlyand the list goes on.

No product can survive forever without evolving though, and the Rhino was due for a few changes. The first thing most people will notice about the Rhino is the addition of doors! Yamaha felt it was time to add doors to the Rhino, and for several reasons. The problem is, a few individuals have overestimated their own driving abilities, and have managed to get into trouble. Instinctually, a few have stuck their leg out, and that is a big mistake on a Side x Side.

The doors were designed to make that impossible, and they close and latch securely. A second job for the doors was to help protect the driver and passenger from mud and water thrown from the front tires, and they do this very well.

yamaha rhino 660 to 700 engine swap

They work very well for both jobs. Once inside the Rhino and strapped into the seat, the driver will notice a new steering wheel. The new wheel has a slightly smaller diameter, raised grip areas, and looks much sportier.

It definitely fits the Rhino sport image. The center of the compartment has been redesigned as well for a new air intake tract, an automotive style parking brake instead of the short lever found on previous models, and as requested by many owners, cup holders! In the center of the dash is an easy to read digital display, which -appears to be nearly identical to the one found on the Grizzly We scrolled through the functions, and the new display features a trip meter, speedometer and odometer, gear selection, fuel level, 4WD, 2WD, indicator lights, and even battery voltage.

Should your Rhino need to head to the shop, it also has a self-diagnostic function as well. In the case of the Rhino, the old engine had served it well, but it was time for a change, and the logical choice was the power plant from the Grizzly.

This also meant EFI! The new Rhino engine is now a cc, 4-Stroke single cylinder and single overhead cam design, and features liquid cooling with an on-demand fan. The Raptor is an awesome sport quad, and it has never let us down.

One thing that makes the top end work so well is a roller rocker arm system, which reduces drive train friction while allowing the engine to rev more freely. Inside the specially coated aluminum cylinder is a forged piston, and just like the Grizzlythe Rhino engine gets a slightly heavier crank with more beef at each end of the connecting rod to compensate for the added loads of utility vehicles. The heavier crank also helps reduce vibration as well, which was another goal of the engineering team, however, the best feature of the new engine package is the electronic fuel injection system.

The fuel injection system performs extremely well at all temperatures and elevations, and delivers a nice, crisp throttle response throughout the power band. It will take several readings of both the air temperature and pressure, and existing engine conditions, and mist just the right amount of fuel through the 41mm Mikuni throttle body needed to maintain optimum power.

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PowerSportsNation Rebuilt Engines. Our process: -Engines are completely disassembled.

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Cases are hot tanked or pressure washed. All heads are checked for trueness and surfaced or planed if necessary. All valves, guides and seats are checked and replaced if needed. If they are not in excellent or near new condition, they are rebuilt or replaced. If automotive style crank and rods are used in the application, all bearings are replaced. Crankshaft roller bearings are replaced where needed.

All parts are visibly inspected or measured for wear. All bearings, shift forks and gears are replaced where needed. Any other worn internals will be replaced where needed. They are all torn down and inspected. If they don't appear to be near new, they will be rebuilt or replaced.

Each engine is hand built with quality workmanship to insure the longevity of your powerplant. All bolts are torqued to appropriate specs for each engine type. Because of the vast inventory of used parts from our salvage operation we have been able to build test cradles or test rollers. We run 9 out of 10 engines that leave our facility.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

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yamaha rhino 660 to 700 engine swap

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Sidebar Sidebar. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Jan 16, 16 0 0 washington state. As some of you may know, there are a few Rhino owners that have upgraded the engine to a streebike-powered set-up. So far, theve all been built into 2wd setups. I elected to retain 4X4 on my Rhino and upgrade the engine as well.

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These engines produce approx HP in stock form! I was able keep the stock Rhino 4wd functions by utilizing a small gearbox, modifying it slightly for use as a transfer caseUtility Vehicles A look at machines for work and off road excitement too.

Recreation Utility Vehicles A comparison chart of some of the most popular models. Yamaha Rhino A very popular utility vehicle. Yamaha Rhino A closer look at the Rhino Yamaha Rhino Snorkel Snorkeling engine air intake. Yamaha ATV Lots of great models! Utility Vehicle Site Map Directory of utility vehicle pages.

Sitewide Site Map Directory showing all pages on this website. As mentioned, quieting down the exhaust does help a lot. So, if you are looking to silence your Yamaha Rhino further, then the exhaust is a good place to start.

The Benz Silent Rider exhaust does a good job of reducing exhaust noise. The stock muffler is not removed. This "add on" muffler simply attaches to the outlet of the stock exhaust to quiet things down further. It is a glass pack muffler that absorbs some additional noise. It does a good job. The Benz exhaust for the Rhino is available to buy with an optional bolt on adapter that simply bolts on using 3 bolts where the spark arrestor attaches to the rear of the stock muffler. The Yamaha Rhino Benz exhaust can be installed with the factory spark arrestor or without - whatever you prefer.

There are also other products and other ways to quiet down your exhaust. Just remember, there are other sources of noise that need to be addressed on the Yamaha Rhino.

Another source of noise on the Yamaha Rhino is the engine air intake. People may be surprised to know how much noise the suction side of an engine can really produce.

In fact, most people probably mistake the intake roar to be a part of the exhaust noise. Things really start to get loud when you floor the gas pedal and give it full throttle for an extended period of time.

Yamaha Rhino w/ Hayabusa Engine (finished)

Just putzing around at slower speeds may not be so bad. But, you will really notice more of the intake roar under full throttle acceleration.

To make matters worse, the Yamaha Rhino was designed with the air intake right on the center console near the ears of both driver and passenger. Things can get really ugly noisy if you add a cab enclosure! That's where the idea of a snorkel comes into play.

You will notice in the picture above that a flexible snorkel hose was clamped to the inlet of the stock air box, and the snorkel is routed up under the hood. This particular 2. Flexible duct hose can also be purchased from other companies of your choice. The machine shown in the picture above is a Yamaha Rhino The should be very similar, but regardless of what model you have, you will need to measure to make sure everything will fit properly.

At this point, if you have added the extra exhaust silencer and an intake snorkel, then you will find that you Yamaha Rhino is definitely quieter. Depending on what a person wants, it still might not be as quiet as some people prefer. Once again, it's simply that there are other "musicians" in this "orchestra of noise" that can be quieted down.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Sidebar Sidebar. Thread starter Kenny G Start date Sep 25, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Kenny G Member. Looking for anyone that has done or tried to swap out an engine in a Rhino geared chassis to a engine. Any input you have I'd like to hear.

Mar 13, 2 18 34 Heber City, UT. Have you thought about going something with more power. Something like a rotax. I know Brian b had a great kit to swap them into the rhino chassis and they worked great. Just a thought. I was hoping to do something in the 3K range, what's a Rotex motor run, twice that or more? You'd have the power. Honestly not sure what you can get them for.

I would think you could score a rotax out of a renegade or outlander for around that price.

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I would hit up BrianB on here and pick his brain. May 17, 1 Its expensive to do the Rotax swap, but well worth it. Either sell thekeep the and enjoy it, or do the Rotax swap. I had an in mine, now have a !!! Aug 30, 1 My buddy Rhinoadick, or Greg as I call him did the rotax swap.

Has plenty of power and with the custom exhaust he built with dmc mufflers it sounds bad ass. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Members online rev limiter.The R1 engine is twice as big as the factory cc engine normally found in the Rhino. All it needs now is a good set of slicks and it would be ready to do some serious damage.

Dave Pickens. February 16, at am. February 19, at pm.

yamaha rhino 660 to 700 engine swap

It is a great swap. Ryan Evans. April 27, at pm. I was considering putting a turbo from an apex sled wondering if you had considered that opption or herd of any reason someone has not done it yet. April 28, at am. They would be able to give you a lot more details.

December 31, at pm. I was woundering if you had some instrucketion for this swap because my friends and I have been looking around, and bought a 04 rhino and was wondering if you had thoughs instrucktiong so we could do it in my garage.

TSI Side by Side Yamaha Rhino 660 700 Turbo Kit

Thank you if you could help us out. January 4, at pm. January 5, at pm. January 20, at am. Craig Nelson. January 20, at pm.

Yamaha Rhino with 1000cc R1 Motorcycle Engine

March 18, at am. Brad Ryder. April 4, at pm. Any and all suggestions would be very helpfull. Please call me anytime at or send me an email with any help.

June 16, at am.Welcome to the forum!! Who is online? Can a engine drop into a Rhino geared chassis successfully without changing the gears inside the engine or front and rear gear boxes.

Engine Swap on Rhino 450 to 660

Have you seen this done, heard it done, personally done it yourself? If so how did it turn out? Interested in any feed back you have to share on this subject. From what I understand the gear diference is in the trans gears not the front and rear diffs. Don't know if they will change out or not.

yamaha rhino 660 to 700 engine swap

As for swapping in theit seems to me that it couldn't be to bad. I thought about all of that when I had my After riding it for 4 yrs and getting offered 5k trade in, I had to let her go. I still wonder how good a can run with some port work, cam, piston, and bigger carb. Kenny G wrote: Any motor builders out there that have any ideas.

Whatzz you say James? I'm starting to think if the engine basically could be dropped into the geared chassis you'd still not get the lower geared with bigger displacement.

Because the lowered gearing is in the 's engine anyway, so all you'd end up with is a engine in a chassis, and it'd respond the same as anothing magic about that. Whatzz ya say?????? Kenny,I believe your assessment to be correct COM Yamaha Rhino. Display results as : Posts Topics. Advanced Search.

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